1700 employees, 160 doctors and 100 volunteers: focus on user-friendliness and accessibility


Cordiality and friendliness are of paramount importance when dealing with patients and colleagues, also digital.

At the Imelda hospital in Bonheiden, cordiality and friendliness are of paramount importance when dealing with patients and colleagues.

With more than 211.000 consultations and 48.000 day hospital admissions annually, it is important to extend this philosophy to the website.

Communication with patients

One of the useful and fun functions of the website is sending a digital card (e-card) to a patient. This way, a person who cannot come to visit immediately can still support someone who has been admitted to the hospital.

The recipient (patient) will receive the personalized card personally delivered to his or her room.

Security and privacy: obvious

Security is self-evident in a world where a lot of personal data of patients and healthcare providers is handled.

To ensure this, strict security measures have been built in to protect their data. In addition, the prescribed safety updates are carried out very precisely and punctually.

In addition, extra attention is paid to the privacy of the team of healthcare providers by hiding email addresses on the website, while communication remains possible via secure forms.

A website for a hospital is not just any website.

It is an essential tool that combines accessibility, ease of use, accurate information, and privacy protection to optimally support both healthcare providers and patients.

Conveniences for website administrators

Documents and images are managed through a sophisticated media library.

One of the assets is the reusability of the same item in multiple places/pages within the website.

No time is lost uploading or replacing a new version of a document or image because it is centrally updated in the media library.

In addition, the structure is completely tailored to a hospital, namely: doctor / specialty / department / treatment.

This is a perfect basis to meet all the needs of a patient, visitor and doctor.

7 years and 11 months later

Since June 2016, Sevendays has ensured that the imelda.be website and the website of the denolm.be residential care center are digitally up to date, without a single safety incident.

From May 2024, paddle.be colleagues have taken over. They offer a very budget-friendly “standard solution” for various hospitals, in contrast to the personal, tailor-made solutions that Sevendays provides.

We sincerely thank the entire Imelda team for the many years of trust!

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