Automation of course administration and communication


a custom online learning experience, not found in online SAAS platforms

A training course is tailored to the customer's needs, context and the profile of the participants. To achieve this, an efficient administration and communication platform was needed.

Tweetakt supports people, teams, organizations and companies with coaching and advice.

A training course is tailored to the customer's needs, context and the profile of the participants. To achieve this, an efficient administration and communication platform was needed.

The first step was to investigate which existing LMS (Learning Management System) are on the market.

The conclusion of the investigation was as follows:

  • the needs could not be sufficiently covered / often many unused functionalities

  • when using an existing LMS, you cannot make sufficient difference compared to your competitors who may use/offer the same system

  • license costs quickly add up when you work with many customers, participants and teachers

That is why we have developed a tailor-made digital campus where a participant can find his individual learning path with all information, materials, assignments and extra inspiration.

The results in a nutshell

  • user-friendly interface for an administrator to set up a training and for a participant to follow a training

  • clear and automatic communication to registered participants

  • a reduction of a full-time equivalent administrative assistant by automating work that was previously performed manually

  • grow without costs: scalable without license costs per customer, participant, teacher, training

Digitalization as a driving force

Sevendays and Tweetakt have been good partners for years. After we developed a target group-oriented website together in technology terms a few light years ago, another part of Tweetakt's operation soon came up: their administration and communication course.

Digitalization is an investment today, but it ensures that Tweetakt:

  • is given opportunities to organize training for larger customers

  • has less chance of human error in the administration and communication

  • colleagues can spend their time in a more meaningful way than repetitive administrative work

Constantly searching for a healthy balance between human and digital capital.

Offering and organizing training courses for hundreds of participants involves a lot of administrative work:

  • following up on registrations

  • communicating with participants

  • scheduling teachers

  • following up on evaluations

  • making certificates

  • reporting

  • ... and so on

Sevendays therefore devised and developed a completely new platform together with Tweetakt with a focus on automating administrative processes and organizational tasks.

All-in-one online learning experience

A participant is shown his individual learning path in the form of a simple timeline in a crystal-clear, high-performance interface. The timeline shows the course of the training from start to finish, with all the steps to be followed.

The steps can be of different types: exercises (textual, video), physical training days with all information, material, assignments and extra inspiration.

In addition, interaction is also possible between the participants and the teacher via chat/notifications.

Your own organization is the winner

The new platform means a huge efficiency gain for Tweetakt because the entire process from registration to issuing the certificate can be carried out and monitored digitally. And this in a system in which ease of use is key.

Tweetakt's administrators and teachers received an intuitive interface with which they can easily create and publish courses and training, manage registrations, select teachers and define communication flows...

Data such as registrations or evaluations can also be exported. This way they can evaluate and optimize processes in relation to the set objectives. And that is precisely the real power of automation.

By digitizing administrative processes that used to require a lot of time, time can be saved and more focus can be placed on the substantive advisory role, so the real added value of Tweetakt is in the foreground!

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