Choose 1000 products in 3 steps: a configurator can do that!


help choosing a customer the appropriate accessories for his van

Hebic is the place to be for all floor and wall coverings for your van.

However, the range of options consists of more than 1000 products, how can you guide your customer in this process?

Need for an easy-to-use interface

When Hebic knocked on the door of Sevendays, customer orders were being taken using a manually completed document.

However, when completing a document, you have very little guidance, a significant chance of errors and you may write down choices that are technically not feasible.

The first step was to make a thorough analysis of the complex data structure and business logic of the different product combinations for the different vehicle types.

The result: an efficient, user-friendly and scalable configurator

Because all source data is available in the underlying ERP system (Microsoft Dynamics), we first set up a data connection via API.

On top of that source data, we have built the custom business logic that is a “copy” of the knowledge, experience and advice of an experienced Hebic Sales employee.

With these insights, we have translated this into a unique experience for the customer via a dummy-proof and user-friendly interface in the form of a configurator.

Dare to go one step further

The configurator ensures a high degree of customer friendliness and at the same time provides enormous relief for the Hebic sales team.

Hebic wanted to focus even more on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and added the functionality to monitor the status of placed orders “live”.

In addition, a customer can:

  • save own chosen configurations in the “My configurations” section, to quickly reorder a previously ordered configuration at a later time

  • choose a “package”, which adds a frequently used set of products in one click at a discount price

  • use “shopping cart” functionality to order multiple configurations together in one order

  • can be linked to multiple companies in order to place the order in the name of company A or company B

  • during the configuration process, consult photos of other vehicles previously equipped with the same products

Website and application: no duplication of work due to central management

With many customers we see two partners: one partner who builds the website and a second partner who builds the more complex application. Both often work independently of each other, meaning the customer has to work with two admin platforms. This can be an advantage but often also a disadvantage.

In this project, Hebic not only chose Sevendays as the central partner for both, but we also centralized the application management and content management.

For example, a Hebic administrator can further enrich products that flow in from the ERP in the CMS with an image, description (in multiple languages) and assign a category. The efforts made to enrich the product then pay off twice: on the one hand to display on the website and on the other hand to display in the configurator application.

In addition to this management efficiency, you also always have up-to-date information on both the website and within the configurator.

If you also want to offer products to your customers via a configurator instead of via a classic, overloaded webshop, please contact us!

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