Digitally unburden a physical event


We digitally managed this NN Connect Live event in the preliminary phase, at the event itself and in the post-process.

Life insurer NN Insurance Belgium organizes an annual fair for insurance and mortgages.

800 brokers meet each other and can find their way between the countless sessions, speakers and break-out rooms.

Together with MediaMixer, we digitally managed this NN Connect Live event in the preliminary phase, at the event itself and in the post-process.

Marketing automation: segmentation

As an organization, you want to approach your target audience as personally as possible, without having to put in a lot of manual effort for a large group of invitees. This results in high customer satisfaction and strengthens the professional image of the company.

For example, you want to adjust your communication style “per segment” for:

  • a man or woman

  • a French-speaking or Dutch-speaking person

  • someone who has been invited and is already registered <=> someone who is not yet registered <=> someone who has indicated that they will not come to the event

  • someone who is active in the insurance sector <=> the financial sector

Automated, multichannel, personalized flow

At the start of the project, we write out together with the customer from A to Z how an broker is approached, depending on his personal situation (see above) but also where the invitee is in the process (the funnel): 

  • Before the event: the first invitation / a reminder “Don't forget to register” / “Thank you for your registration” / “Exciting, tomorrow is the day!”

  • During the event: SMS communication

  • After the event: “Thank you!” + “Your obtained certificate”

On top of all communications sent out, NN has a clear view using reports of where everyone is in the funnel, which communications perform best in terms of read percentage, ...

Create a personal agenda

At the event itself, various sessions are planned throughout the day for which a real estate agent can register. Sessions overlap, so an invitee must choose which sessions he/she will attend.

A session is given in a specific language, is related to one or more sectors and can earn FSMA points for a broker (more information below). The number of places is also limited per session.

Unfortunately, all of this does not fit into a standard event registration tool or calendar tool, so we have developed this completely tailor-made to achieve exactly what we need: nothing more, nothing less.

The result is a unique, beautiful, NN designed and mobile-friendly personal agenda module of which all data is read and written into the underlying system.

Welcome to Brussels in Palace 10!

The event takes place in Brussels at Palace 10. In the preliminary phase, each registered broker receives a personally generated digital entrance ticket with QR code. Together with colleagues from Fielddrive, the QR code is scanned upon entry.

NN would like to have a live view of the attendance at the event itself. For this we developed a live dashboard on which you can see:

  • how many people are present

  • for which sessions the attendees have registered

  • in which sectors the attendees are active

  • + filters to further refine the results on the live data via a number of parameters

During the event, brokers are automatically informed via SMS for sessions they are registered for or for useful information.

Congratulations, here is your certificate!

After the event, our Marketing Automation flow not only sends “Thank you for being there <=> “We missed you” but also takes care of sending out the obtained certificate.

Every broker must follow a number of training courses every X amount of time to obtain FSMA points.

FSMA is the Financial Services and Markets Authority, which is the institution that supervises the Belgian financial sector.

An broker has registered for the event in one or more sessions and this is verified during the event by registering attendance per session/room.

After the event, it will be determined based on those data whether the broker has achieved the required number of FSMA points and his/her certificate.

We automatically generate the certificate and personally deliver it to all 800 brokers via email.

The event as a whole was a success: full of content, communication, digital tools and therefore managed to win over many hearts.

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