Filling 150 vacancies in 4 months


Tailor made job application platform

A recruitment campaign supported by a tailor made job application platform.

Mission impossible

Nike continues to expand in Laakdal and will eventually scale from 4000 to 6000 employees.

There are 150 open vacancies to be filled in the short term.

For this purpose, a recruitment campaign is being set up that is supported by a job application platform.

A platform that connects applicants, the Interim office and the employer

Nike obviously already has a job platform on which vacancies are published, but that platform is set up generically for all types of positions.

In this campaign, the focus is specifically on warehouse employees and on a large volume (150 vacancies) that need to be filled in a short period of time (4 months).

How do you manage something like this?

With that question, the Nike team approached MediaMixer and Sevendays.

A process was started to help streamline the selection process and administrative process from application to filling the vacancy and to digitize as many aspects of operations as possible.

In addition to an attractive job website and extremely simple interactive application form, the data is automatically passed on to the Interim office to ensure that the application process runs smoothly.

Have a conversation with your applicant

How does an application work? Well, an applicant is guided through the application without distraction via an intuitive step-by-step plan. This can be completed perfectly “on the go” via a smartphone.

The application form has been set up using a tailor-made step-by-step plan, it resembles more of a conversation than a form in which the applicant must interactively answer questions that are very relevant to the warehouse employee position.

Through this approach we achieve a high percentage of successful applications because the applicant is informed very clearly and interactively what he or he is applying for.

Efficient application process & simple administration

Both the Nike team and the Interim office can follow up, consult and process incoming applications via a fully customized management system. They have an overview of the candidates at any time.

Via an API connection, a candidate and all his data are passed on to the platform of the Interim office, which in turn takes care of the further administrative processing.

If you have a tough objective, then straight to the goal is the shortest and most efficient path. Digitization and automation can make the virtually impossible feasible and at the same time ensure enormous time savings and greater satisfaction among applicants.

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