Training platform shifts into second gear by digitizing and automating even further

Transport Academy

Platforms that simplify administrative processes ensure enormous time savings and greater satisfaction among employees and customers.

Platforms that simplify administrative processes ensure enormous time savings and greater satisfaction among employees and customers. We developed a platform to streamline everything from training creation, registration and attendance reporting.


  • mapping current processes and customer needs

  • developing advice and solutions with future-proof and high-performance technology

  • scalable without licensing costs

  • API connection with an existing course administration platform

we developed

  • training calendar: filled by the linked course administration platform

  • customer login with dashboard: manage drivers and monitor their training needs

  • custom CRM/sales tool to onboard new customers

  • multi-domain setup to provide partners with their own personalized training calendar

The platform in a nutshell

  • handy, filterable calendar of the training courses with live visualization of available places

  • easily register online for the training courses and receive a discount via unique, personalized registration link, generated by the sales tool

  • easier follow-up of the processes for Transport Academy administration: everything surrounding the exchange of driver data, attendance registration and invoicing is facilitated and automated

Looking for administrative simplicity and greater ease of use

Transport Academy offers hundreds of training courses every year. The old platform was a good training ground for getting to know the needs of customers better, but in the long term it caused quite a bit of administrative overhead.

The question was therefore: “How can Transport Academy continue to grow with sufficient focus on cost efficiency and maintaining quality?

When Transport Academy decided to manage the course administration via a specialized software package, this offered a great opportunity to think together about a new integrated platform that puts maximum emphasis on digitalization of processes and self-service for the end user.

Analysis of current processes and flows for users

We started with a preliminary phase in which we discussed all existing steps of the customer journey together with the people from Transport Academy and mapped out the administrative processes, including associated pain points and opportunities.

Based on the insights from this exercise, we devised a strategy for one central platform where we relieve the customer of their needs and complexities surrounding booking training courses, follow-up of driving licenses and further training of their drivers.

We try to approach the customer proactively and provide them with optimal support with a view to optimally distributing their training needs within the legal deadlines.

On the administrative side, we ensured standardization and simplification to keep overheads to a minimum.

Together with the Transport Academy team, we focused on a so-called MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and defined extensions that should appear later on the roadmap.

Focus on the end user

Transport Academy customers can now go to this central platform for everything regarding the further training courses offered:

  • they can consult the full range of further training courses

  • create a personal account

  • manage their personal data

  • manage different companies and their associated drivers with one account

  • register or their drivers for further training

  • automatically apply a discount if a customer has received a personalized link

  • consult planned and completed training courses for details, attendance, etc.

A user-friendly platform for administrators

Simplifying administrative processing was the second main goal of this updated platform. The Transport Academy team can now easily:

  • create, modify and publish courses

  • manage registrations for courses

  • register CRM/customer activities

  • generate unique discounted links and send them to customers

  • give partners access to a limited part of the platform

  • reporting + exports around sales activities

In addition, a number of automatic flows were provided that further 'relieved' both the employees of the Transport Academy team and the customers.

For example, an automatic email is sent to the customer with a unique link that immediately pre-fills the customer details during registration, to make the process even more accessible.

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